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adventures of the Arabian Nights - dinner event

*****Hilton Hurghada (EGY) │january 2012

"at your service":

Video │5* Hotel "Jardins de la Koutoubia"

Marrakesch (Marokko) │2012

40 Gäste im Erzähler-Zelt

Eyneburg (B) │2009


Harry RISCHAR has lived and/or travelled to as many as 24 countries: among them are Rwanda, Morocco, Israel. Holding several international academic diplomas, he speaks English, French, Kinyarwanda and other languages. His repertoire covers about 350 stories. He has about 400 performances on about 100 days per year. Among these events ranked the greatest knight tournament worldwide, the 'Kaltenberg Ritterturnier'.

This professional artist offers you:

- an enthusiastic presentation of the artists and the special theme of your event

- trainings / workshops on improvisation theatre referring to the approaches of Keith Johnston

- special school and library programs for all ages covering all types of story genres

- entertainment programs for reenactment events covering several different historic characters

Other performed characters linked to English | Celtic literature and history:

William Shakespeare:

Poems and stories recited and told in an enchanting manner with a slight Irish accent.

Baron of Munchhausen:

The German Baron of Munchhausen had his first best seller with teh unbelievable adventures in the year 1785 in London (program: 'Munchhausen Tales').

Geoffrey Chaucer:

This author, the writer of 'The Canterbury Tales', is being considered as the founder of English language (program: 'Knight stories').

Giacomo Casanova:

The well knowncosmopolitan of the Rokoko era lived for some time (1763) in London. (program: 'Erotic adventures').

Dallàn Forgaíll:

This personality of the Iron age is a historical figure of evidence. (program: 'Celtic otherworld stories').

If you deserve more information click here for the CV of Harry RISCHAR.

Currently Harry RISCHAR is searching from 2019 on new professional challenges in a cosmopolitan country such as :

Belgium, Canada or an other cosmopolitan place worldwide.

in case of job offers, please contact:


English performances

2015 LEUCO Storydinner at Horb a.N. (D) │2012 *****Hilton Hurghada (EGY)│2011 Manderscheid Castle (D) │ 2008 International Storytelling Festival Clear Island (IRL)

Foreign experiences in English speaking countries

2001 - 2008 │ Coordinator of European Programs on behalf of vocational training

2005             │ Reserach on oral stories in: Wales, Cornwall, Scotland

1995 - 1996 │ Student of University of Louisville KY (USA) as Fulbrigth-grantee

1995             │ Participation at the International Conference 'Pedagogy of the Oppressed' with Paolo Freire

1994 + 1995│ Trainer for German youth attending English classes in Clacton-on-Sea (GB) + Tuam (IRL)

1993             │ Student of University College Cork (U.C.C.) as grantee of the ERASMUS program of ther EU

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